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4 reasons every man needs to find a signature scent

Make an impression on every level

4 reasons every man needs to find a signature scent

If you’ll pardon the pun, the power of scent is not to be sniffed at. 

In fact, scientifically speaking, our olfactory responses (that’s your sense of smell, FYI) bypass the cognitive thought part of the brain altogether. 

In short? Scent has the power to activate feelings and emotions in a way that circumvents logic.

It might sound mystical, but harnessing the power of the fragrance is a sure-fire way to be remembered and make a statement. 

‘Scent marketing’, which uses room fragrances to give stores a distinctive smell, has been shown to put people in the mood to spend. So, who’s to say you can’t apply the same concept to make people invest in you? 

Plus, finding that elusive ‘you’ scent needn’t be laborious. 

Go for a fragrance consultation (we’ve very much into Penhaligon’s service) to get the job done and you’ll enjoy the process along the way. 

Here’s how a signature scent can help you get ahead…

1. Scent makes you more memorable

If a picture says a thousand words, then a fragrance must say 10,000. 

Why? Because on average, people can remember smells with 65% accuracy even after a year, while visual recall drops down to about 50% after just three months. 

In essence you might turn up late, flat white sloshed down your previously white T-shirt and on 2% battery, but if you’re wearing the right scent, people will be less likely to remember that. 

They could remember a suave man - which is probably more what you were aiming for. 

2. Fragrance makes people feel good around you

Unlike what we see or hear, what we smell goes straight to the limbic system – the part of the brain associated with making and regulating emotions. 

That’s why even a quick whiff that reminds you of a past holiday or former flame can suddenly make you feel how you did back then. 

And while scent can’t make your boss fall in love with you and feel like giving you a 50% pay rise or get you into the VIP area at Glastonbury just by wafting past, it can give the people around you a feeling of warmth and familiarity as well as lifting your own spirits. 

3. Scent is an extension of your outfit

You’re never fully dressed without a fragrance. 

In the same way that your clothes communicate how you want the world to see you, scent is that crucial finishing touch. 

It adds a final personal flair that helps to cement your identity and establish the kind of man you feel like being. 

Even if your look isn’t adventurous, you don’t need to worry about standing out if you’ve got a signature scent - plus, it never goes out of style.

4. Fragrance gives you confidence

Regardless of the scenario, ideally you want to go in feeling calm, collected and self-assured. 

That’s hard to achieve on it’s own, but scent makes it easier to fake it ‘til you make it. 

Fragrance almost acts like a suit of armour because of the aforementioned sensory impact on you and those around you. 

It can give you confidence knowing that the first thing someone may notice is how you smell (good, obvs), plus putting on something that is undeniably you can trick you into feeling comfortable. 

So even if you’re bricking it about a meeting, externally you can be confident that you’re hiding it pretty well with just a spritz.

Perfumers since 1870, Penhaligon’s are masters of scent, and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding your signature fragrance. 

Their creations take inspiration from every corner of the globe, from India and Africa – as well as favourites from the UK. 

Try the crisp and refreshing Juniper Sling, or the rich and layered Kensington Amber from their new Hidden London collection

Taking cues from the old smoke’s most notable neighbourhoods, the three scents (the aforementioned Kensington Amber, plus Belgravia Chypre and Marylebone Wood) epitomise the city’s stylish mood.

Book into any Penhaligon’s boutique for a free fragrance consultation, and an in-house expert will guide you through a questionnaire about your sensorial likes and dislikes (Leather or denim? Coffee or tea?) and recommend a scent that’s guaranteed to tick every box. 

Head to Penhaligon’s to find your nearest store, or try the online fragrance profiling*

* Postage and packaging is £5.50, which is redeemable when you buy a full-sized fragrance.