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20 brilliant veggie dishes even carnivores can adore

20 brilliant veggie dishes even carnivores can adore

20 brilliant veggie dishes even carnivores can adore

It's not easy being vegetarian. Nor is it easy dating one.

We only say as much because choosing what to eat for mealtimes when someone is a veggie and someone else is a meat-eater can be a bit of a hassle, leading to either a compromise or some other edible trade-off.

But fear not as here are 20 brilliant - and relatively simple to make - veggie dishes, fit for any discerning diner.

Feast your eyes on the best of them below.

A quacking risotto

Buy some of those fancy mushrooms the supermarkets put in little boxes and get them into your silky smooth rice before finishing it off with a rich, poached duck egg and truffle oil, which makes everything infinitely better.

Pizza without the guilt

No need to open the freezer door and tear the wrapping off that supermarket pizza - get some flatbreads, some nice tomato sauce, cheese of your choice and basil leaves, and make a hassle free version of the Italian’s favourite in minutes. 

Gourmet veggie burgers

We like big buns and we can not lie. You other brothers can't deny. Particularly if you marinate a flat mushroom in some garlic and parsley, griddle it, get some gorgonzola and aioli to create a meat-free burger funfest on a big, buttery brioche the size of a baby's head.

Get stuffed

Mix up a filling of ricotta and goat’s cheese with some lemon, push the filling into courgette flowers and deep fry them in a light batter until golden and you’ll have enough to fill you up for hours.

Hummus with chickpeas and spices

Mass produced hummus can be a bit rubbish, so blend chickpeas with those old friends tahini, garlic and lemon before topping with hot paprika oil.

Pimp your curry

Protein is pretty key when it comes to a good curry and chickpeas are the best in a spicy, tomato-y sauce. They absorb the flavours and will keep you energised all day long. Bash together a few spice and mix with garlic, onion and ginger as a simple flavour base.

Something cheesier than a Richard Curtis film

Spice and salt work well together, so pan frying some halloumi smothered with paprika and then squeeze lemon and add chopped chilli on top for an added kick.

Red velvet soup

Roast a load of beetroot and then whizz it together with a bit of vegetable stock and splash of vodka before finishing with crumbled goat’s cheese. Ideal for those cold winter nights indoors.


The melanzane a classic of layers of mozzarella, aubergine and tomato sauce – sprinkle with parmesan to make it a little bit more umptious.  

Cheese on toast with red onions

Why not improve basic cheese on toast with a glistening layer of red onion nestled in alongside some top-notch mature cheddar? You'd be a fool not to really.

Eggs in a spicy sauce

This? Oh just a one-pot wonder of peppers in spicy sauce with some eggs wedged in the top. Bang it in the oven for a few minutes, take out oven, get a flatbread to dip in and you’re in dreamland.

The thinking man's mac 'n' cheese

Spike your traditional mac ‘n’ cheese with some tenderstem broccoli and a touch of horseradish to brighten up those tastebuds.


A sweet and spicy Moroccan number

Sweet and spicy
You don’t need lamb to get all Moroccao at the dinner table - just replace the meat with the orange flesh of some sweet potatoes and enjoy that sweet, sweet flavour.

Sexy Pesto

Pesto can be a touch limp, so don’t mush up your ingredients, toast your pine nut, rip up your basils leaves, crush the garlic and grate your parmesan before mixing with your pasta of choice.


Bit of blue for the lads

Potato salad doesn’t get better than being lovingly smothered in a blended mix of mayo and salty blue cheese. Cut through it with some sliced spring onion.

A royal Eggs Benedict

The next time you enjoy one of these, infuse the butter for your hollandaise with some rosemary, which with any luck should get a royal seal of a approval from your guests.


Celeriac it to me

Mix cream and milk and pour over slices of celeriac and potato, bake in the oven until crisp and brown on top and tender in the centre.

Black Thai Dinner

Throw in some baby aubergines to soak up the goodness of a quick coconut-y green Thai curry. Keep textures interesting by throwing in a few toasted peanuts.

There’s paneer in here

Marinate some salty cheese and skewer it with some red onion and aubergine. Perfect for any barbie.

Goat's cheese salad with honey

What dish doesn't taste better with honey? Well, goat's cheese salad packed with crunchy roast carrots and spiky rocket for starters...