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17 Life-Saving Desk Stretches

17 Life-Saving Desk Stretches

17 Life-Saving Desk Stretches
24 October 2014

Long day in the office? Stuck behind your desk, compressing your lower spine and slouching your shoulders something rotten? Just think of all those muscle groups you've not been using, your blood hardly bothering to pass through those arteries. Goodness knows what kind of long-term damage you're doing. 

Now that we've got you squirming in your chair, you'll be far more receptive to the following guide to desk-friendly stretching exercises.

Compiled by, this chart provides those of us who spend a good deal of time sitting down with some easy to follow stretches and exercises. Why? Because as well as improving your overall feeling of wellness (apparently), those of us who spend the majority of our working hours in a chair will be increasing their chances of picking up a number of health problems (according to the Archives of Internal Medicine, who know quite a lot about that sort of thing). 

So best start limbering up from the comfort of your own chair. Though best not perform number 12 unless you've got a good working relationship with your colleagues - you're going to get some weird looks...

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