15 beautiful times Nigel Farage was trolled to oblivion

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Amelia Tait

If Charlie Chaplin taught us one thing (other than that there's no such thing as a too-tall bowler hat) it's that mocking racist political leaders is a great way to get under their skin.

To mark his departing from UKIP (again), we've collected 15 beautiful instances of Nigel Farage being trolled for future historians to ponder and study. Also, for you to laugh at. Mainly that, actually.

When the broken pixels of the BBC united to make him look like Hitler

And then a microphone joined the good fight too

When he wrote a book and the Amazon reviewers became the real stars

Over and over again

When Amazon began selling "UKIP Babies" for us to "bite the head off"

When Robin Cooper called UKIP to discuss their leader

When he said women should avoid "ostentatious breastfeeding", so it became a hashtag

When he resigned the first time and everyone was like:

When he resigned the second time and everyone was like:

When Remain supporters managed to ruin is his fisherman photoshoot

When he asked a stupid question and got a bunch of smart-arse answers

They're not wrong

When Random House published this book and...

... the insides were completely blank

And then Amazon recommended that actual UKIP supporters buy it


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