Super-detailed 3D floor plans of workplaces from your favourite TV shows

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Joe Ellison

We’ve seen you, taking a sip from your Dunder Mifflin-branded thermal mug hoping it marks you out as pop culture literate, a zany character among peers.

‘Sure’, you think, sitting back, “I’m just like Jim”. Then of course comes the crushing realisation that you’re IRL, your office isn’t that from The Office and bullying a Dwight Schrute of your own would likely direct in a P45.

Well don’t fret. Helping us appreciate the minute details of workplaces on the small screen without having to trawl eBay, Drawbotics, a US firm specialising in visualisations of real estate, have put their skills into mapping out the work floors in everything from Parks and Rec to Silicon Valley to Mad Men to Suits. Each one loaded with smart references to the shows.

From the taped-off vending machines from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to all the overtly geeky posters in the IT Crowd, you’d have to be a super fan to notice anything they’ve missed.

Click on them to zoom in for extra detail:


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