Here’s the trailer for your next big Netflix fix


Frugally saving the remaining episodes of the new series of Daredevil so it’s not all gone in a weekend of visual gluttony? Panicking that Better Call Saul is drawing to a close for another season?

Well don’t. Netflix has another must-see show on the way: Marseille.

Starring the larger than life Gérard Depardieu as the titular city’s long serving mayor, his all-consuming ambition will see him do anything to hinder his successor. And once the power struggle starts, it doesn't let up, promising drama as taut and tense as any in recent memory.

If nothing else though, coming on the back of last year’s Marseille-set crime thriller The Connection, you can be sure those glossy coastlines will look rather nice on your 40-inch HD plasma telly. 

All eight episodes will premiere on 5 May exclusively on Netflix. Just don’t finish them all at once now.