HBO’s Slender Man documentary trailer will give you nightmares for life


Slender Man, the internet's most sinister meme, has been terrifying the unwary for years. Originally created for a Photoshop contest, the character – a faceless, inhumanly tall man in a suit - has been an internet perennial for years.

The darkest thing to come from it all, far more than any YouTube short film or a meme, has definitely been the Slender Man stabbings, where two 12-year-old girls stabbed another in an effort to prove their loyalty to the character. A character, we remind you, who isn’t real (we think).

Now, after the sensation of last year’s The Jin, HBO is back with another true crime shocker. Beware the Slender Man, out in January, is set to explore both the phenomenon and the case itself, and – we’re sure you’ll agree – looks absolutely terrifying.