Has the Aaron Ramsey curse struck again?

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Aaron Ramsey

It’s one of the more unusual theories the internet has conceived in recent years: Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is responsible for the death of a growing list of famous people.

In short, every time the Arsenal midfielder scores, an individual of public note dies.

No - it clearly isn’t a real “curse”. But before you dismiss it as silly nonsense, there is, undoubtedly, an astonishing correlation between some of his goals and famous departures from this mortal coil - 14 of his 60 career goals have been quickly followed by a celebrity death. Forget ‘2016’, maybe Aaron is the most dangerous factor out there.

So a warning to all high-profile people out there: next time Aaron finds the net, best to find a bunker to hide in for a few days.

Here they are in full:

22 August 2009 v Portsmouth: US Senator Ted Kennedy dies 25 August 2009

1 May 2011 v Manchester United: Osama bin Laden dies 2 May 2011

2 October 2011 v Tottenham Hotspur: Steve Jobs dies 5 October 2011

Has the Aaron Ramsey curse struck again? 1

19 October 2011 v Marseille: Muammar Gaddafi dies 20 October 2011

11 February 2012 v Sunderland: Whitney Houston dies 11 February 2012

Has the Aaron Ramsey curse struck again? 2

21 March 2013 v Scotland: Basketball player Ray Williams dies 22 March 2013 (also Boris Berezovsky 23 March 2013)

30 November 2013 v Cardiff: Paul Walker dies 30 November 2013

10 August 2014 v Manchester City: Robin Williams dies 11 August 2014

Has the Aaron Ramsey curse struck again? 3

9 January 2016 v Sunderland: David Bowie dies 10 January 2016

13 January 2016 v Liverpool: Alan Rickman dies 14 January 2016

5 March 2016 v Tottenham: Nancy Reagan dies 6 March 2016

11 August 2017 v Leicester: Bruce Forsyth dies 18 August 2017

Has the Aaron Ramsey curse struck again? 4

8 March 2018 v AC Milan: Ken Dodd dies 9 March 2018 (also Stephen Hawking 14 March 2018)

5 April 2018 v CSKA Moscow: Eric Bristow dies 5 April 2018

Has the Aaron Ramsey curse struck again? 5

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