5 Vines that prove Jamie Redknapp is a master of football analysis

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Joe Ellison

With a football brain as sharp as his suit collection, Jamie Redknapp is literally the best football pundit working today.

But despite the man's meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of the game few could match, he is only human, as proven yesterday during Sky's coverage of Southampton vs Chelsea yesterday when the pundit said of Victor Moses: "Good to see young English talent getting a chance." Indeed, Victor may be 26-year-old and hold 24 caps for Nigeria but we're going to let Redknapp off, because mistakes happen.

And so to ease your fears over Redknapp's true genius, here are five occasions he wowed us all.

Drawing a circle around a corner flag

“That’s a corner flag there as you can see." Even John Terry looked impressed with that one. 

Counting Joe Hart’s fingers

Sounding like The Count from Sesame Street, Redknapp stresses exactly how many digits Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart is holding up... to tell his defenders exactly how many men he wants in the wall. It sounds so obvious now.

Explaining the laws of the game

This piece of punditry, regarding some skill from Lionel Messi against Bayern Munich, is criminally good.

Revealing exactly who doesn’t play for Olympiakos 

What about Pele?

Being 100 per cent committed

While most pundits sit on the fence, Redknapp knocks it down with a sledgehammer.


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