Mark Hamill autograph signings are basically the best thing ever


If you'd spent the last 40 years signing autographs for your turn in the same career defining film the chances are that you'd be quite bored of the whole process. The casual glance at the paper you're signing, a cursory 'and what's your name dear fan?' And then onto the next one. It must be pretty dull.

Not for Mark Hamill though, not our boy Luke Skywalker who it would appear is the greatest autograph signer ever. 

He may very well have signed thousands of signatures down the years but it’s good to know he never lost his sense of humour. Giving collectors their own unique slice of film legend, Hamill has made something of a habit of signing trading cards with wry observations about the images themselves: from the droll (‘Yes George, but try ACTING to these scripts’) to the not family audience-friendly ('World’s largest bong for sale. Call Luke 555-Weed'), he seems to enjoy taking the mickey.

Explains why Disney got him back for the sequels.