Zack Snyder considered putting Christian Bale in Batman V Superman for sh*ts and giggles


Zack Snyder, director of the imminent Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, has revealed that he considered putting Christian Bale into the film in a non-Batman role, just to mess with people.

The part Bale would have played isn't clear, but it crucially wouldn't have been Bruce Wayne. That would have been weird as hell. It would be like if in Spectre there was a brief scene where Daniel Craig bought a newspaper from Pierce Brosnan, except weirder. The whole point of these new films is that they're in a different universe to the Nolan films. As Snyder told Australian magazine Film Ink:

"I wanted to hire Christian to play another part to make [the different universe] obvious. Christian could play, like, Alfred with age makeup. No! Of course not. But you know what I mean. Even people at the studio would say, ‘Who are you getting from the other movies?’ And I was like, ‘Hey, come on guys, let’s all understand, it’s a different world.’ In the Batman universe that Chris Nolan created, Superman would have a hard time existing. That that’s why we did a reboot on the universe, so we could allow these characters to exist together. We needed to do that to have Batman exist in this world.”

Considering Snyder was responsible for writing the most nonsensical character in movie history, Pa Kent as played by Kevin Costner in Man Of Steel, it feels like he's messed with people's heads enough really.