This new horror trailer from makers of 'Get Out' should come with a health warning

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The horror film trailer is causing a stir on the old internet

We’re all searching for that elusive diamond: the actually scary fright film. Unfortunately, nothing is scary anymore, we’ve seen it all before, there are no surprises. Now and again, something might come along that’s genuinely creepy, like It Follows, but most of it is eye-rolling, rehashed nonsense. This is why the ‘80s and ‘90s were king.

But supposedly, there’s a new film on the block that’s going to shit you right up, scaredy-pants, and that film is Truth or Dare. It’s from Blumhouse, who deserve a bit of faith at least (Get Out, Hush, The Belko Experiment) so maybe there’s a chance this’ll be good, but then also: Ouija, Oculus, The Lords Of Salem. Director Jeff Wadlow also did Never Back Down, and there shall never be a single bad word said about that film. Not a single one.

The film stars Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey and follows a creepy game of truth or dare that - this is a horror film, remember - GOES WRONG. And then people die, presumably.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

Will the film live up to it? We’ll have to wait until FRIDAY THE 13TH OH NO! to find out, when it’s released in UK cinemas.

We DARE you to watch it, etc.


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