The hilarious first trailer for Bad Neighbours 2 has landed


Lock up your daughters – the trailer for Bad Neighbours 2 has arrived.

This time, however, suburbia isn’t threatened by kegger-fuelled frat parties but a cabal of sorority club girls, led by Chloe Grace Mortez’s wild child who becomes family man Seth Rogen’s latest pain in the side.

Last time he fought fire with fire, and this time he's bought himself a whole can of gasoline, inviting his old nemesis played by Zack Efron to help him put a stop to the shenanigans. 

Expect more cross-generational gags (“You have old people’s phones” laments Mortez after being upended by a telephone cord when running off with the receiver), gratuitous close-ups of partially nude and extremely photogenic young people, supreme pop culture reference, and yes, the airbags are back too.

Roll on the new semester.