There are already TWO Thai cave movies in the pipeline

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There are already TWO Thai cave movies in the pipeline

Gotta jump on that cave bandwagon sharpish! Milk it for all it’s worth!

When a bad thing happens, chances are someone is gonna make a movie out of it. Like, a boat sinks = gets a movie. An oil rig explodes = gets a movie. A team of teenage Thai football players get stuck in a flooded cave = gets a movie, obviously, even though they’ve only just got out.

Yep, there’s already going to be an adaptation of the miraculous true story involving the rescue of twelve people from an underground cave this week. But it’s not just one movie that’s being shopped, there are two on the go. The first comes from Pure Flix, a faith-based production company behind movies like the infamous God’s Not Dead, and although nothing is currently set in concrete, they are still currently trying to secure the rights to the story.

Pure Flix’s Michael Scott said:

“I could not be more excited; this story has meant so much to me as I followed it.

“To see all that bravery in the cave and then to get all the divers out has been such a touching event.”

However, a new contender has entered the ring - Step Up 2 and Now You See Me 2’s Jon M. Chu, who isn’t too happy on the direction that may take:

According to sources, producers are already in discussions with ‘senior Thai officials’, with ‘multiple studios’ showing interest. Chances are, a big name like Chu will nab the rights from under an amateurish banner like Pure Flix, although there’s always the possibility that it could receive multiple adaptations - there’s been a ton of Titanic films, for example. And Elon Musk is probably going to want to make a sci-fi version too.

Of course, this news has obviously ignited the fires of Twitter:

Either way, expect to see it in cinemas next year, probably. These things must be rushed. IT IS A RACE.

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