Seriously dark Back To The Future 'prequel' trailer explores Doc's terrorist backstory


We always knew there was something off about Dr Emmett Brown.

Not only is he clearly suffering from some sort pf paranoid personality disorder, his relationship with high school student Marty McFly bordered on the inappropriate - and we never did find out just how he got himself involved with plutonium-seeking Libyan terrorists.

Until now that is. 

Titled 1.21 Gigawatts, here’s Back to the Future like you’ve never seen it before, recut as a rather creepy prequel showing just how Christopher Lloyd’s scientist found himself stealing dangerous substances from the Pacific Nuclear Research Facility.

Much darker than you'd expect, this fan-made edit from Taylor Hopkins not only uses footage from the BTTF series and other big budget blockbusters (Iron Man just one), but also packs in footage from other Christopher Lloyd films to present him as a younger man trekking the far reaches of the planet while working for shady groups.

We hope Hollywood is watching because this film needs to be made, and it's a long way from Hill Valley.