Matt Damon recaps the Bourne trilogy (we don’t talk about that other one) in 90 seconds

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Joe Ellison

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the amnesiac adventures of Jason Bourne it’s that the man likes to get things done quickly. And with as much bloodied office stationary as possible.

So then, ahead of the latest instalment in the franchise, here comes a fittingly swift recap of all the previous films so far (wisely, not including the Jeremey Renner spin-off), enabling viewers to get up to speed with proceedings in 90 seconds flat.

Reuniting director Paul Greengrass with star Matt Damon, Jason Bourne promises to be the most action-packed offering in the series so far, and - as the tagline boldly says - YOU WILL KNOW HIS NAME.

With any luck so will he.

Jason Bourne hits cinemas from 27 July


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