Watch a side-by-side supercut of the film scenes that inspired La La Land

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When watching the Oscar nominated La La Land did you find yourself in a constant state of deja vu? Well there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for that, it’s because some of the movie’s most memorable scenes were inspired by numerous classic musical scenes, from Hepburn’s Funny Face, to Grease, to West Side Story, and most obviously, Singin’ in the Rain.

La La Land - Movie References from Sara Preciado on Vimeo.

It’s not just the dance scenes that have been heavily influenced either. The colours, neon signs, camera angles (see the Boogie Nights pool scene) and set designs all seem to pay homage to Hollywood icons, and Sara Preciado has spliced her reference theories side-by-side into one clever video.

If they win big at the Oscars, director Damien Chazelle is going to have a long list of thank yous to dish out…

And if you wondered how they executed some of the incredible scenes in La La Land, here’s some behind the scenes footage of a cameraman looking like he’s participating in some sort of Eighties aerobics video.


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