The Bond franchise might be about to see its first female director

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There's a surprising new favourite to direct the next Bond film

Danny Boyle’s out, so who’s in? It could be a groundbreaking appointment

So as we all know, Danny Boyle is no-longer directing the next James Bond filum, so the movie bods are currently on the lookout for a replacement - but who? Who is to step into the, frankly terrifying, boots?

Well, according to sources, it could be the franchise’s first female director. 

On the shortlist is S.J. Clarkson, a television director who has helmed episodes of Orange Is the New Black, Succession and Jessica Jones. She’s hot on the lips of Tinseltown as of late, due to her being hired to direct the next Star Trek movie, another franchise that has yet to have a female director’s input.

Elsewhere on the list, according to Variety, is Bart Layton, a man, and also the director of American Animals. Also in consideration is Yann Demange (who was tipped to direct before Boyle came on board), who directed the recently-praised White Boy Rick. 

Variety reports that meetings are being held between the studio and the three directors.


The only Danny now on board (unless there’s like some bloke in the prop department called Dan or something)

Still, give it to Clarkson, no? James Bond movies have a weird, accepted history of misogyny, so a female perspective is desperately needed, and Clarkson also has experience shooting quality action, so would be a perfect fit.

Daniel Craig, meanwhile, is keeping busy, lining himself up to star in Rian Johnson’s (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) new film, which is set to start filming in November, before Bond 25 starts production.

Hopefully this desperate scramble to find a director won’t end up in a rushed decision, because a bad Bond film is a very terrible thing indeed. We’re looking at you, Lee Tamahori.

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