Gosling and Crowe are the odd couple in new trailer for The Nice Guys


Who says nice guys finish last?

Well whoever it is, going by the latest trailer for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, which pulls off a casting masterstroke in the shape of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe (seriously, did you see their Oscar skit?), they might want to rethink that theory.

Los Angeles, 1970. When a bungling private eye (Gosling) reluctantly pairs with a tough guy enforcer (Crowe) to solve a case of a missing girl, and the seemingly-unrelated death of a porn star, the pair have to shoot and blag their way out of danger when they threaten to expose a conspiracy that goes right to the highest circles of power.

Not a million miles away from Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, another darkly funny LA-based crime caper which saw Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr as the odd couple tasked with solving a grizzly mystery, it promises quite a ride.

Not that you need to be a bourbon-swilling P.I. with a dame on the side to figure that one out.

The Nice Guys is in cinemas from 3 June