Excellent new trailer for Warren Beatty's Rules Don’t Apply


The film was 40 years in the making. That’s either a lot of procrastinating or making sure every frame is perfect.

It's the classic love triangle between a crazy billionaire, a poor but ambitious young man and the beautiful small town actress - all set in 1950s Hollywood. And Hollywood loves Hollywood. It also loves Warren Beatty, writer and director of this LA-set screwball affair.

And by the looks of the latest trailer for Rules Don't Apply, the 14-time Oscar nominee might even be forgiven for dusting his tux off already.

Other good omens include the casting of the new Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich, playing Frank Forbes, Howard’s driver given a strict rule of 'no relationship' with actresses, and Lily Collins as Marla Mabrey, the actress who inevitably tests those rules - though the real draw is of course Beatty himself, coming out of his own self-imposed acting exile to step into the shoes of the famously OCD-suffering recluse.

Rules, it seems, really don't apply to this Hollywood deity.

No Rules Apply is released on 23 November

[Words: Vicki Evans]