Chris Hemsworth’s weight loss for In The Heart Of The Sea is terrifying


Beefy bicep-cake Chris Hemsworth is best known for playing massive hunk characters, like Norse muscle Thor, but his latest role in Ron Howard’s In The Heart Of The Sea could be his most memorable yet, for very different reasons.

The film tells the true story of a whaling ship destroyed by erm, a whale, that would later become the inspiration for Moby Dick. The ship's crew are left stranded at sea, where things start to get really bad…

Hemsworth, who plays stranded crew member Owen Chase, posted the following picture of his incredible transformation on Twitter.

Hemsworth had reportedly slimmed down from his pumped up ‘Thor weight’ for another role in Michael Mann’s film Black Hat but was still seven kilograms overweight for the sea epic. He managed to lose the excess weight by surviving on just 500 calories per day (the recommended amount is 2,500 calories).

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly he said:

“When you’re already starting off lean, its brutal to chew through that kind of weight. Every pound feels like a kilogram.”

In The Heart Of The Sea is released in the UK on December 26.