13 actors with their stunt doubles that will make you do a double-take

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Nick Pope

Without a doubt, actors are Earth’s most precious commodity. Not water, or fossil fuels, or the laughter of a small child – that stuff is worthless trash when compared to Hollywood’s chiselled chosen ones.

And it’s our job as a human race to protect them at all costs. That’s why stunt men are drafted in whenever something slightly arduous appears in a movie’s production schedule.

You may be able to quickly identify these professional hard bastards in a chaotic fighting scene, but by-and-large they remain in the shadows, happy for their celebrity doppelgangers to reap the rewards of a life-threatening scene.

Which is a shame, because their attempts to replicate the appearance of their corresponding actor can, at times, be absolutely hilarious.

Have a look at some of the A-list counterparts below…