Can you work out how many girls there are in this mind-bending illusion?

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Nick Pope

‘Phoneographer’ Tiziana Vergari hates your brain and wants to do everything in her power to make it explode.

At least, that's we can only assume after she posted this brain-busting photo on Instagram last week.

The snap, featuring girls sitting down in a line, has sent the internet into meltdown as people try to work out just how many girls are in the shot.

Have a gander below:

What's your verdict? 8? 10? 12?

You couldn't be more wrong, chump.

Tiziana has confirmed in the comments that it’s actually just two sisters looking into a mirror. It was entered into Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project #WHPidentity, which asked community members to submit images celebrating individuality.

You win this round, Tiziana. You win this round.