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The coolest new super cars of the Geneva Motor Show 2016

We're sorry to break it to you, but you're almost certainly never going to drive a single one of these cars.

Shown off in the cavernous halls of the Geneva Motor Show 2016, these dream machines are for the one per cent - the capitalist fat cats and footballers of this world who are happy to throw a few million at an investment that depletes in value the moment you drive it home. But good lord are they good looking...

From a new Bugatti to the latest Aston Martin, feast your eyes on the coolest super cars of the year.



Star Wars: The Force Awakens scene has been recreated in GTA V


You can buy this Russian super truck for £34k


Jeep is selling mud in a can for your car



A man has used his fidget spinner to like EVERYBODY on Tinder

Where's the quality control, though?

by Gary Ogden
25 May 2017

This new emoji tool tells you which are still cool and which are lame

Less 💅, more 🍆

by Emily Reynolds
24 May 2017

You can now buy the revamped Nokia 3310 in the UK

The retro phone you know and love is back (kind of)

by Matt Tate
24 May 2017

Nintendo respond to touching thank you letter from a blind fan

"We want to keep making games that everyone can have fun playing"

by Matt Tate
24 May 2017

Secret rules on what Facebook allows you to post have been revealed

And it's a pretty confused state of affairs

by Dave Fawbert
22 May 2017

Stephen Hawking reckons we only have 100 years left on Earth

Anyway, happy Friday!

by Tom Mendelsohn
19 May 2017

Watch a young Mark Zuckerberg discover he's got into Harvard

His dad is a lot more excited than he is

by Tom Mendelsohn
19 May 2017

Nintendo have removed a gesture deemed to be offensive from Mario Kart

Up yours, Yoshi

by Matt Tate
18 May 2017

This is rumoured to be the iPhone 8's finished design

Bye bye bezels (maybe)

by Matt Tate
18 May 2017

We might be about to get smartphones that charge fully in five minutes

An Israeli start-up claims it's going to go into production next year

by Tom Mendelsohn
15 May 2017