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Apple Just Revealed Exactly What They Do With Your Private Data...

Now that's a good Apple.

As more companies learn (often the hard way) that users care a great deal about their data, their details and their privacy, they're making the once-indecipherable legal jargon of privacy statements more palatable.

Following the launch of its new iOS 9 operating system, Apple has updated its "approach to privacy" page.

From Apple Pay to Siri, the iCloud to Apple Music, the site offers a pretty comprehensive guide to just what Apple does with your data - and what it doesn't do.

"We build privacy into everything we make," explains the site. "When you pay for groceries, message a friend, track a workout, or share a photo, you shouldn’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands. The personal data on your devices should be protected and never shared without your permission. That’s why we build strong, innovative safeguards into the things we make."

Here are some of the major take-home points...

There's also a neat guide to "managing your privacy", that allows you to do the obvious, like adding two-step verification, and the more obscure, like controlling the data you share with apps and limiting target-based ads.

It's a lengthy heap of information to read through, but if you've got a burning interest to know what Apple is up to with your data, it's worth your attention. If you want to read the stuff they're not shouting about, here's the new iOS Security white paper, which goes into things in exacting legal detail.

Best make a cup - no, a pot of tea if you want to work your way through that.

[Via: Wired.co.uk]



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