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Samsung reveals its iPad-beater


"But there's nothing as nice as the iPad."

We felt like this once. Tablet-curious, unsure of whether we would ever have a need for a big, thin screen, only Apple's format-defining iPad shone in a crowd of flabby, weak pretenders. Samsung is looking to change all that.

This slender marvel is the Galaxy Tab S2 - their latest tablet that's set to wage a war against both the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini, with a 9.7-inch and 8-inch version set for launch in August.


Sporting a Super AMOLED screen (it's got very, very sharp colours and deep blacks), 3GB of RAM, 32/64GB memory (expandable via MicroSD), Microsoft Office installed as standard and a fingerprint scanner. It is, to all intents and purposes, the Android equivalent of the iPad - and at 5.6mm thickness, it's 0.5mm thinner. Which isn't a big deal, but there are some people out there who get excited by those sorts of stats.

Just don't sit on it. It'll probably bend.

UK prices and exact release dates are yet to be announced, but expect the 9.7-inch model to start from £350 (€499) and the 8-inch model from £280.



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