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Olio Is The Smart Apple Watch Challenger


Let's be honest, while it's very impressive that you can now dictate an email to your watch, you'll never, ever feel comfortable doing so on a crowded bus.

Olio appears to get this. They should, boasting a team of product experts that has helped the likes of Apple, Beats, Pixar, Nasa, Amazon and Google conquer a variety of markets. So much so, their Model One smartwatch looks like it could prove to be a useful gadget, rather than an expensive waste of battery life.

In addition to an attractive, hardy aesthetic (cold-forged stainless steel case, hardened crystal display, impact and scratch resistant glass), the Model One sports its own unique, logical operating system: notifications are assorted into time-based lists, "Earlier" for those you've missed and "Later" for appointments and diary dates ahead. Voice interaction is limited to three responses: "Yes", "No", and Starship Troopers-tinged "Tell Me More". This, coupled with Olio's personal assistant, allows you to sort your notifications and messages with minimal interaction. 

Another neat perk of the Olio operating system is full compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, letting you connect to thousands of apps and calendars with its Bluetooth connectivity. 

Initially limited to 500 pieces starting at £402 ($595), the Model One is available in a steel or black finish, with a variety of strap options. You can register your interest on the Olio site, with the first batch set to arrive in summer. 



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