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If you send someone this link it will crash their iPhone instantly


The following website is NSFWI - not safe for working iPhones.

DO NOT CLICK: www.crashsafari.com

The site holds a small amount of JavaScript which - if opened with Apple's Safari browser - will force the browser to carry out a repeated request for your history, adding new entries as it goes.

Once the loop begins, your iPhone will freeze up and require a reset (Apple confirms that this process won't do any lasting harm to your phone, so give it a try if you dare).

"Just what sort of monster could be behind such a devious trick?" you may well ask. 

A 22-year-old application security expert Matthew Bryant. 

"In my spare time I often test how browsers will handle odd code that gets thrown at them," Bryant told WiredHe created it "as a joke", and a significant part of the internet appears to see the funny side of it: the link has been passed around in shortened form on Twitter and various internet forums, causing people's devices to crash as they open it expecting to hear Kanye's new album/naked photos of that celebrity crush etc.

Kids these days. We remember when they used to do harmless things like set bus stops on fire or steal alcohol. Now they're breaking millions of smartphones the world over with a bit of malicious coding.



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