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Google Glass User Treated For Internet Addiction

The end, it would appear, is nigh.
Yes, a 31-year-old Navy serviceman has reportedly been treated by scientists for internet addiction brought on by an overuse of Google Glass - the first case of its kind and possibly the first sign of mankind’s mergence into machinery before Skynet inevitably brings us all down.
The patient apparently checked himself into the US Navy’s substance Abuse And Recovery programme, claiming he was using the wearable piece of tech for around 18hrs a day and would only remove the device to sleep and wash. 
Questionable hygiene aside, there was a much more worrying knock-on effect he experienced from over-use of the device. Once stripped of his glass wearing privileges for 35 days, medical experts noticed that he repeatedly mimicked the movements of turning on the Google Glass display by tapping on his right temple. In the two months he had the device, he had also begun experiencing his dreams as if viewed through the Google eye-piece.
San Diego doctors even claimed that the patient noted that “the Google Glass withdrawal was greater than the alcohol withdrawal he was experiencing,” from a study recently published on Internet Addiction disorders.
We’re not saying we’re worried but if someone could give Sarah Connor a call about this then that would be super.
Images: Google Press



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