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Choose Who Controls Your Facebook Account After Death


We don't want to bring the mood down, but we want to talk to you about sorting out your will. Or at least, your digital one. 

Facebook has added a new feature for US users to assign a 'Legacy Contact' - a figure described by the social networking giant as a "family member or friend who can manage their account when they pass away".

Once Facebook has confirmed that an account holder has died, control of that account will be passed on to the legacy contact, organising an appropriate memorial for the deceased, with options to write commemorative posts, respond to new friend requests and update photos. The term "Remembering" will also be added to the profile pages of deceased accounts. 

Other powers passed to the legacy contact includes the ability to download an archive of photos, posts and other information they shared on Facebook over the years - but they won't be able to log on and access private messages. Should users wish to, they can skip handing out a legacy account and allow Facebook to delete their profile on their death.

There's no word on when the legacy account service will be rolled out internationally, leaving UK users with the present system of family members contacting Facebook to request that pages of the deceased are turned into a memorial or deleted. Until then you can always download the virtual graveyard app.

Will legacy accounts become the new last will and testament of the Millennials? Have you taken steps to appoint a digital heir upon your death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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