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Ace Lego Computer Keyboard


Your keyboard is about to develop an inferiority complex.

This marvellous working Lego keyboard is the work of Jason Allemann, Lego fanatic and creator of the superb brick blog JK Brickworks.

Allemann first attempted the project back in 2005, but struggled to build around the curves of the Microsoft Natural keyboard he had chosen for the build. The idea was revived when he got his hands on a more conventional keyboard, stripping it down to its sensory membrane and circuit board. Having built a base for the sensor, Allemann's most challenging task was building a frame for the keys that would line up directly with the membrane.

Our favourite element of the final build is Allemann's choice of keys: printed dials and readouts identify the Control button, Caps Lock has its very own cap, Scroll Lock is shown by a scroll, while the Home button is made from a roof tile.

Here's hoping Allemann now sets about building a matching computer case and mouse.

(Via: Kotaku)

(Images: JK Brickworks)



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