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The Personalised DNA bracelet


We're pretty sceptical when it comes to 'personalised' male jewellery, but we're willing to make an exception for DNAME's bracelet.

An indisputably unique item, this service manages to squeeze your very own genetic code onto a 20mm by 150mm band of brushed titanium or polished steel.

For those of you envisaging scraping off a chunk of skin or undergoing an invasive procedure, fear not: DNAME send a home DNA testing kit that requires you to rub a cotton-tipped swab on the inside of your mouth. Freshly coated in your genetic details, your swab is then sent to a lab to be read - identifying repeated regions of "non-coding DNA" unique to each of us. This code, consisting of pairs of guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T) and cytosine (C) - is engraved onto your band.

As the selected DNA sequence doesn't relate to your sex, hair colour, height or body mass, it won't allow anyone to unlock your biological secrets should you lose your bangle - and DNAME ensure that they only use labs with worldwide quality control accreditation.

Head over to the DNAME Kickstarter page to pick on up for £89. We would say it makes an ideal birthday gift - but we don't have any tips on how to slip a buccal swab in someone's mouth without them noticing...

(Images: DNAME)



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