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The Ultimate Archer Quiz


With the skill of James Bond, style of Tom Ford and thirst of Paul Gascoigne, Sterling Archer is an inimitable force upon the face of espionage.

And, four seasons, 50 episodes (if you include the unaired pilot) and a whole heap of misogyny later, how well do you know about the besuited spy and his ISIS associates? The characters may not know what year it is (a running gag relating to the show's confused mix of '60s style, old war references and modern technology), but let's hope you're aware of them, because a score below 15/15 will see you taken out by the sniper that's sat in that tree over there.

We're joking... but are we? (Yes).

Archer is now available to stream on Netflix

(Image: Rex)



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02 Jun 2017

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