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The reason you’ve not got a six-pack? You’ve not taken enough LSD


As the mornings get darker, colder and wetter, the idea of getting up early to get a quick jog or workout in before work seems less and less appealing. We’d much rather spend an extra 15 minutes under the sheets than risk going to work with soggy socks and a mud-splattered face.

But a cure for our lack of motivation, or plain laziness, may have just been discovered in the most unlikely, and far out of places.

A professor from the University of Kent has published a paper that states psychoactive drugs could be an effective way to encourage sedentary people to exercise.

Dr Samuele Marcora, an expert in sports and exercises, suggested in his paper that all humans have a natural aversion to exerting effort and that an effective way to “reduce the perception of effort and discomfort of exercise” would be to dabble in the mind-altering substances.

But don’t all rush out with your running shoes laced up to find your local dealer just yet.

“We demonstrated a strong preference for the training sessions with caffeine (80 percent) compared to those with placebo (20 percent),” the prof told Medical Daily. “Drugs like modafinil [used to treat narcolepsy] seemed to be pretty safe as well, although we still need to do more research on these stimulants.”

Best wait for the science nerds to test out the harder stuff, before we switch our black Americanos for tabs of acid, then.

Via: Medicaldaily.com

[Images: Rex]



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