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Nigel Farage just admitted the Leave Campaign's NHS promises were "a mistake"


Well that didn’t take him long.

As Britain woke up to the news that the country voted in favour of leaving the European Union (winning the vote 52 to 48 per cent), UKIP’s Nigel Farage was admitting that one of the Leave Campaign’s biggest policies was one big fat lie.

Referencing the campaign posters and messages splashed across buses that read ‘Let’s give our NHS the £350 million the EU takes every week’ and ‘We send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead’, the politician claimed both were “a mistake”.

Pressed on his admission by Good Morning Britain, presenter Susanna Reid addressed his remarks: "That’s why many people have voted! You’re saying after 17 million people have voted for Leave – and that (advert) was a huge part of the propaganda?"

“It wasn’t one of my adverts,” he replied. “I would never have made that claim. That was one of the mistakes I think that the Leave campaign made. You must understand I was ostracised by the official Leave campaign and did, as I have always done, did my own thing.”

Described as misleading by the UK Statistics Authority watchdog because it referred only to the UK’s £19 billion gross annual contribution and not finances that come back from the EU, much had already been made of the £350m figure bandied around by Leave campaigners, but regardless, now it all appears too late. 

And if that weren't bad enough, Farage has also come in for criticism for using his victory speech to tell his supporters they’d done it “without a single bullet being fired”, which given the recent murder of Jo Cox is just the latest in a long line of tasteless remarks made by the UKIP man.

Did someone say fired?



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