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Excellent Hitchcock/Disney Horror Posters


After watching Psycho and being appalled by its chocolate sauce abetted violence, Walt Disney once banned Alfred Hitchcock from shooting at Disneyland, where the director had asked to stage his ultimately unmade film The Blind Man. True story.

Apart from illustrating how the two respective titans of their fields differed in their approach to cinema, it begs the question as to what might have happened if Disney and Hitch ever joined forces.

Here are a few clues. Raising money for charity Forever Manchester, cult poster studio Little Print Shop of Horrors has brought out a special batch of posters to pay homage to the iconography of both men in similar style. The theme is '666': 6 Disney themed, 6 Hitchcock themed and 6 best sellers from previous years.

You can scan some of the best of the newbies below, and if you like them as much as we do, you can even purchase your favourites right now.

Come to think of it, Dial M For Mickey would've been a great film.


The Chase (The 39 Steps)


Alice in Hell (Alice in Wonderland)


Step Sister (Cinderella)


Mistress of Evil (Maleficent)


The Cross Roads (North by North West)


Mickey vs Woody (Toy Story / Disney)


Feathers (The Birds)


Pulling Strings (Pinnochio)



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