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Dragon-slaying politician releases the daftest campaign video ever


Canadian? Old enough to vote? Worried about Dragons? Need a politician able to fire laser beams and thwart any future alien invasions? Perturbed by increasing university tuition fees? If so, elect this man right now.

Don’t contemplate, just do it - but watch his excellent campaign video first.

Quite simply one of the maddest we’ve ever laid eyes on, WYATT SCOTT FOR PARLIAMENT (because that's how he'd say it) is a feast for the senses: is starts out like any other clichéd electoral video would as he rides atop a Canadian goose (boring) – and then it happens, he plunges down from the heavens with a massive sword, anime style, and lands on a dragon. 

From there, he proceeds to do very odd things such as growing a three-day beard with a quick shake of the head, high-five aliens and generally appear to be the most awesome man who ever lived. Importantly, amidst all this he also talks about some of the real issues facing Canadians right now, and doesn’t even wear a tie, the absolute maverick.

Surely he's got to win. Who’d want to debate reforms with him over tax and budget cuts with this guy? The man just killed a 20-foot mythical beast for goodness sake! Jeremy Corbyn could barely harass a mouse.

Wyatt Scott for President of Earth, 2018, you heard it here first.



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