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Canadian police are threatening to subject drunk drivers to Nickelback


You know what would make for a terrible Christmas present? Getting arrested.

You know what would make that worse? Having to listen to Nickelback on the way to the police station.

Which is exactly what the Kensington police force, from a small Canadian town on Prince Edward Island are threatening the residents with if they catch you drink driving.

In a Facebook post, they informed everyone that “when we catch you, and we will catch you, on top of a hefty fine, a criminal charge and a years driving suspension we will also provide you with a bonus gift of playing the offices copy of Nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail.”

To which one local replied, "doesn't torture go against the Geneva Convention?" 

Another suggested another Canadian export instead: "Don't hate on Nickelback!! They are a good band. Use someone like Justin Bieber. No one will ever think twice about drinking and driving if you use Bieber."  

Their reasoning is simple: “We figure if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you.”

The only way it could get worse, is if the arresting officer let off this spiel:

“This punishment is worse than a Hangnail. When you Woke Up This Morning, did you think that the Good Times Gone? Just For a little drink your Money Bought before driving home? Where Do I Hide, you ask? Too Bad there’s no way you’re getting out of this. You’re not in Hollywood, boy.”

To which we’d really like the offender to reply:

“This is How You Remind Me, Never Again.”

Too much? Sorry not sorry.

Read their full threat below:

More importantly, is that what CDs look like nowadays?!



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