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Awesome chemistry lab glasses

chemistry glasses.jpg
chemistry glasses 7.jpg

Although our memories of school are often based around the various indignities of playing the role of subservient drone to the controlling power-hungry teachers, there were moments of respite.

One particularly memorable example of this took place for one hour every Thursday afternoon in a lab: good old chemistry. Sure, our actual memory of what was taught is vague to say the best but Bunsen burners and chemicals and experiments and things exploding and stuff. Yeah, all that.

This might explain why this is one of our favourite Kickstarter campaigns of late. Periodic Tableware is a set of glasses based on the glassware used in a laboratory and as you can see from the pictures, it's a damn fine idea.

Marshall Jamshidi, the genius behind the project, has imagined an entire collection from wine glass to martini glass to decanter to cocktail shaker, expertly utilising flasks we haven't seen since our childhood.

If you want to donate towards the campaign then click here.



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