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Astonishing Fireworks Photo Series


Question: Is there any sweeter sound than the fizz of a freshly lit rocket soaring into the sky, or sweeter sight than watching it all blow up in a colour-strewn cloud of ‘why the hell not’? Answer: Of course not, what a silly question to ask.

Now, we can’t explain the world's obsession with fireworks, our only guess being the evolution of man's innate love for fire-making - but if you've ever wanted more of an intrinsic look at just what explodes overheard, this eye-opening new photo series should help some.

Precisely slicing a number of fireworks down the middle and taking some high resolution snaps, Seattle- photographer Andrew Waits had laid bare the explosive innards of the beauties which, let's be honest, nobody had any real desire to dismantle before. But we're more than glad he has.

The works are known collectively as Boom City, and you can see more of them by clicking here.



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