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The Smartphone detox guide


You could have sworn your phone just vibrated. Tucked away in your pocket, just as you were reaching for your pint, you felt a distinct vibration. But now you're beginning to question your sanity, because your phone hasn't got anything to say for itself - the screen is blank, no notifications crying for attention. You just imagined it.

This surprisingly common phenomena - phantom phone vibration - is just one aspect of the modern man's preoccupation with his smart device. Like an itch you can't help but scratch, we're starting to get the same kick from our smartphones as smokers get from a nicotine fix.

If you're wanting to distance yourself from your pocket productivity slayer, the following guide from FrontRange.com will make for helpful, informative reading. Should you find yourself identifying with some of these gadget-drive anxieties and frustrations, chances are you need to kick the habit.

(Images: FrontRange.com/Shutter Stock)

(Via: DailyInfographic.com)



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