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Signatures of 25 tech titans and what they reveal


A notable signature can get you far in life. 

Far enough to buy you a shiny Silicon Valley office in which you can lie around in a hammock all day conducting million dollar takeovers? On the basis of following infographic, we wouldn't bet against it.

Collating the signatures of 25 of the world’s biggest tech firms, Myprint247 has taken the inky flourishes of these titans and analysed each one to reveal the personalities behind the pen. Apple’s Tim Cook, for example, has a barely legible signature, proving he has a quick mind and lacks ego. Whereas the sharp lines and precise plotting of late co-worker Steve Jobs’ highlights an impatient and aggressive nature.

You might even learn something about your own sign-off. Flamboyant first letter? You’ll be someone eager to impress in the boardroom like IBM’s Ginni Rometty. Large letters and easy to read? You’re a regular Bill Gates, a confident, straight-forward go-getter. Lack of dot over an ‘I’? Much like Google overlord Sergey Brin, you’re a ‘big picture’ person who lets people fill in the gaps themselves. Well, unless you’re just lazy.

Also, how rubbish is Zuckerberg’s? We’ve a good mind to defriend him right now.

[Via: Design Taxi]




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