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Personalise your crowdfunding


Anastasia Emmanuel, Indiegogo’s UK marketing and community manager, on securing investment

Shoot a campaign video

“Campaigns will raise [on average] 114 per cent more money if you have a video. It should be less than a minute and a half long, explaining the ‘Why’ rather than the ‘What’. If it’s a product, don’t focus on the technology – explain why you’re doing it. People fund people, not just products.”

Be prepared

“There’s a myth that crowdfunding is easy. People think you can just throw an idea up and millions of pounds will come flooding your way. Try to plan everything out with a marketing strategy – and what you’ll do before, during and after.”

Update regularly

“If you update within every five days, you’ll raise four times as much cash. When people donate, they believe in your project, want to be a part of it and want to see it come true. They’re emotionally invested, so by updating them you’re not spamming them, they’ve actively chosen to be a part of the process.”

Offer rewards

“You can literally think to the moon and back regarding what perks you want to offer. Recently, we had a Mars mission, and one of the perks was to have a ‘selfie’ taken on Mars. Ridiculous, but think outside the box. The more personal the better. Perks don’t have to be expensive.”

Harass your friends

“The first third [of funding] will generally come from your friends and family. The next third comes from their inner circle – it might be your friend sharing it on Facebook – and it’s the final third that comes from strangers. So if you can’t get your own family to contribute, why should Joe Bloggs be interested?”

Stay in touch

“What’s incredible about crowdfunding is that not only do you get the money, but you also suddenly have this mass of people whose email you’ve got and are interested in your project. Take advantage of the amazing captive audience. Tell them more about your project, company or cause.”



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