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How to fire a Walther PPK

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For most of us, our only experience with a PPK is in the N64’s GoldenEye. However, Bond’s weapon of choice demands careful attention in real life. Walther customer service agent Robert Stockdale knows how to handle one with respect.

(Main image: All Star)

Fig. 1: "Keeping your finger away from the trigger, press the release button and remove the magazine from the gun. Load the magazine by pressing each bullet cartridge into it, sliding it fully under the lips of the magazine until the cartridge is firmly against the rear wall of the magazine. Repeat for each cartridge until it’s full.”

Fig. 2: "Hold your PPK in one hand while pointing it in a safe direction, your finger still well away from the trigger. Insert your loaded magazine into the bottom of the gun with enough force to ensure that it is locked in place.”

Fig. 3: "Pull the slide firmly to the rear of the gun and release it completely allowing it to carry fully forward. This strips the first cartridge from the magazine and pops it in the chamber of the barrel. Take this opportunity to look at the loaded chamber indicator. If the loading procedure has been properly followed, you will be able to see the loaded chamber indicator pin protruding from the back of the slide.”

Fig. 4: “Rotate the safety decocking lever fully up into the ‘fire’ position. Aim, then pull the trigger. Upon firing, the slide will move back, ejecting the spent cartridge case. The slide will then return forward, feeding the next bullet into chamber.”



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