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Famous People To Be Verified On Tinder Because Famous People Obviously Struggle To Get Dates


Trying to convince your Tinder crushes that you’re Channing Tatum? You’re about to be called out. As of yesterday, everyone’s favourite dating-made-easy app has announced that it will be introducing verified profiles.

Those in the limelight have previously claimed that they’ve been unlucky in love on the app, mainly because potential suitors have refused to believe who they are. Following the blue tick format of Twitter and Facebook, the new scheme will now aim to help 'notable public figures, celebrities and athletes' distinguish themselves from pesky imitators.

Tinder, which currently boasts some 26 million matches per day (lucky for some...), announced on its official blog that when you see a profile that looks like your favourite movie star, "you’ll know it’s for real" – putting all of our minds at ease for the rich, good-looking pop stars struggling to find a date.

The announcement will come as welcome news to Katy Perry, Lily Allen and Shane Warne, all of whom have recently admitted downloading the addictive app. Ed Sheeran, who was allegedly offered the first ever verified profile, wasn’t too keen on the idea: talking to Total Access he said, "It just sounds quite creepy doing that because then you're just using your celebrity status to hook up with chicks".

Don’t expect to be getting your own tick anytime soon. When we tried, we were told that a "limited number of requests will be taken into consideration to start", and that they would "be in touch soon".

Which is essentially like when our last girlfriend said we could still be friends....

Tinder Verified Email



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