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The Viralist


In case you weren't previously aware, the internet is ruddy massive. Far too big to be explored without some sort of help. So consider us your tour guide as we orienteer you through the confusing map of places worth visiting and others that should be left undiscovered.

Here's our look at what needs some click-based love today and if you ever get lost again, you know where we are.

March 29th

Dog Wakes Up After Nap (Buzzfeed)

The 10 Best Family Guy Newscasts (Adult Swim)

The Literal Draw Bridge (Worldwide Interweb)

Death Star Dog (Neatorama)

Twitter On Your Toilet Roll (Laughing Squid)

Neon Human Organs (Colossal)

Cool New Indiana Jones Posters (/Film)

March 12th

This Parrot Really Loves Chocolate (Buzzfeed)

Star Wars Sushi (Sandwich Architecture)

Creepy Fox Licks Window (Neatorama)

Angriest Bin Man In The World (YouTube)

Star Wars Bottle Openers (Bit Rebels)

CNN To Buy Mashable (Geekosystem)

Cat Thinks He's A Dog (The Daily What)

March 6th

Jokes Etched In Wood (Buzzfeed)

Falling Dominoes (Falling Dominoes)

The “That’s What She Said” Supercut (Next Round)

6 Things Rich People Need To Stop Saying (Cracked)

Dog Has No Musical Skills (Worldwide Interweb)

The Monday Morning Mug (Incredible Things)

The Bear That Exfoliates (The Daily What)

February 1st

The Sheep Cyclone (Neatorama)

Stethoscope Bike Rack (Laughing Squid)

The 16-Bit Breaking Bad Game (College Humor)

Zombie Bedding (Incredible Things)

The Avengers Super Bowl Tease (/Film)

Dog Watches Table Tennis (Buzzfeed)

Video Game Soaps (Geekosystem)

January 11th

James Bond Is Kind Of A Prick (Laughing Squid)

Scaredy Dog Supercut (The Daily What)

Cheesiest Movie Moments Of 2011 (Film Drunk)

Toddler Vs Lion (Buzzfeed)

Every Nicolas Cage Gif You'll Ever Need (Gifolas Cage)

The Dograck For Your Bike (Incredible Things)

Stormtrooper Hits His Head (Geeks Are Sexy)

December 13th

Waving Bear (Neatorama)

The Death Star Of Bethlehem (Incredible Things)

The Comic Sans Project (Comic Sans Project)

Bizarre Movie Toy Tie-Ins (Flavorwire)

What Type Are You? (Pentagram)

Cats Hate Christmas (Buzzfeed)

Personalised Scratch Map (Luckies)

December 12th

Children scared of Father Christmas (Daily Mail)

Parrot singing Super Mario theme (YouTube)

Batman turns up everywhere (StuffIStoleFromTheInternet)

Terrifying road time-lapse (Vimeo)

Google exposes Americas military secrets (Daily Mail)

New Spider-Man poster (Hollywood Reporter)

New Banksy (The Daily What Tumblr)

December 5th

Rapping Paper (Rapping Paper)

25 Awesome Giant Movie Monsters (Holy Taco)

Animal “Did You Knows” (Did You Knows)

Interactive Triangulation (Interactive Triangulation)

Five Fish Clearly Designed By A Madman (Cracked)

German McDonald's Ad Hates Burger King (Buzzfeed)

How To Use Google (The Frogman)

November 29th

The Co-worker Hippo (Buzzfeed)

8 Gadgets That Lie To You Every Day (Cracked)

Creative Socket Stickers (Laughing Squid)

10 Most Tweeted Events (Business Insider)

How To Reheat Pizza Like A Don (The Daily What)

The Best Worst Album Covers (Super Punch)

Ultimate Browser Privacy (Instructables)

November 28th

Jabba the cupcake (Boing Boing)

The bin with eyes (ichbinkong.de)

Retro Warfare (YouTube)

The hipster translator (Cracked)

Call of Duty LEGO-fied (Geekosystem)

Mick Jagger on TV age 15 (Buzzfeed)

The LEGO tourist (Telegraph)

Santa and guns (Daily Mail)

November 22nd

The Sexist Treadmill (Next Round)

Crisps Will Never Be The Same Again (Gizmodo)

Crashed Ferrari Table (Molinelli Design)

Ugly Renaissance Babies (Ugly Renaissance Babies)

The 10 Worst Nicolas Cage Posters (Empire)

Luke Skywalker Hoth Trainers (Geek Alerts)

Hipster Family Outing (Buzzfeed)

November 18th

Ballerina Gerbil (Youtube)

Paper Wine Bottle (Wired)

Cheese Made From Gold (Newslite)

Sofa Bunk-Bed (My Modern Met)

Samsung/Microsoft Touchscreen Tabletop (Digital Spy)

Weekly Fark Quiz (Fark)

November 15th

The Calorie-Burning Underwear (Gawker)

Bruce Wayne’s Medical Report (Ordinary Gentlemen)

Mixed Bear Signals (The Daily What)

Cat Answering Phone (YouTube)

Jedi Squirrels (Geeks Are Sexy)

The $88 Million Apartment (Buzzfeed)

A Horse Dancing To Lil' Kim (The Hairpin)

October 13th

Die Hard 5 Gets A Title And Release Date (Film Drunk)

Unhappy Birthday Dog (The Daily What)

Songs Ruined By Movie Montages (Rue The Day!)

Caption Writer Goes Rogue (Globe And Mail)

Zombie Slippers (Think Geek)

Pop Culture Pizzas (Special Bored)

The Wooden DSLR Camera (Design TAXI)

July 12th

Office Fridges (OfficeFridges.com)

Awkward Stock Photos (Awkwardstockphotos.com)

Rappers looking like magicians (Magicalrappers.tumblr.com)

Facemouth (Facemouth)

The coffee cactus (Gawker)

Muppets with people eyes (Muppetswithpeopleeyes.tumblr.com)

Irina Shayk in lingerie (Popoholic)

26 Spider-man meme pictures (Buzzfeed)

April 18th

Reasons I’m Not Vegetarian (Reasons I'm Not Vegetarian)

Mosaics Made From Jigsaw Puzzles (This Is Colossal)

Creme Egg Brownies (Food Beast)

A Penguin Being Tickled (Buzzfeed)

14 Things Kids Suspect About The Adult World (Cracked)

More Lily Aldridge (Popoholic)

Seal Photobomb (A Blog4Guys)

April 15th

Deep Fried Lasagna (Food Beast)

Interested Dog (Buzzfeed)

Laziest Guy Ever (Like Cool)

Real Life Bumper Cars (Neatorama)

New Cowboys & Aliens Trailer (Coming Soon)

Police Failure (The Daily What)

Injured Toy Soldiers (My Modern Met)

April 13th

The Terminator 2 Cake (A Blog4Guys)

The Shirt Plate (Like Cool)

Retro-Modern Roger Rabbit (My Modern Met)

Bradley Cooper As The Crow? (Empire Online)

Homeless Cat Is Raking It In (Crazy Kaushik)

Hanksy (Wooster Collective)

Ever Been Caught In A Blast Wave? (Buzzfeed)

April 5th

Cats Hate Surprises (Buzzfeed)

The Real Hot Wheels Loop (Paper Plane)

Keanu Talks Bill & Ted 3 (Coming Soon)

The Thundercats Are Back (The Daily What)

A History Of Bad Jobs (Next Round)

Cleaning A Cobra Pit (YouTube)

Geekiest Tie Ever (Trend Hunter)

March 10th

World's Worst Robber (A Blog4Guys)

Popcorn in China (Buzzfeed)

Anthony Hopkins in Bond 23? (Moviefone)

Snow-Batman (Neatorama)

The Space Invaders Cake (Trend Hunter)

Play-Doh Car (Car Pages)

Aida Yespica Bikini Pics (Guyism)

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