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Student found with 11-metre long cheat sheet


Cramming for exams is a cruel, boring, soul-destroying activity that we hope we'll never have to experience again.

Echoing our wish, yet at a much younger age, one Kazakh student decided to eradicate studying from his life entirely. Instead, he would replace it with cheating.

The unnamed high school student chose against putting the work in for his graduation test and created a monumental cheat sheet which boasted 25,000 answers to all five subjects. After a standard search, he managed to smuggle the list into the exam.

He'd printed it on small sheets of paper which had been glued together and reached a whopping 11 metres in total.

Yet before he even got the chance to cheat, he was busted.

Reminds us of this moment in Spies Like Us:

(Image: Rex Features)



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