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Robber holds up newsagents while drinking coffee


Some people can't function without a shot of coffee before they start their day. Take it from us, it can be a serious problem. Once, we licked the inside of an empty Nescafé jar just to get our fix. That was a dark time. Too dark.

Caffeine addiction could be one explanation as to why a robber (pictured) was holding up a newsagents in Manchester on New Year's day, with a mug of coffee in his hand.

Still clinging to his cup of joe the multi-tasking fellow and an accomplice managed to fill four bin bags of cigarettes and tobacco. The men also stole cash from the till (the mochas won't buy itself).

The two men, both aged 25, were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery on New Year's Day. CCTV images of the two men who carried out the robbery have been released and local Starbucks branches have been notified.

(Image: Greater Manchester Police)


sticky tape.jpg

Robbery foiled by sticky tape dispenser


Robber asks victim out on date


Robber goes back to bank to get cab fare