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Gadgets of the Year 2011


1. Samsung Galaxy Note: Samsung took a big risk with this 5.3in tablet/smartphone hybrid, but it paid off. A superb debut.

2. Nintendo 3DS: Mario Kart, in 3D, in your hand. The most innovative gaming device of the year.

3. iPad 2: Apple consolidated its position in 2011, with the iPad 2 proving to be its finest work yet. But it was ‘evolution not revolution’.

4. Nokia 800 Lumia: Nokia’s big comeback, powered by Windows. Even iPhone users were a bit jealous.

5. Sonos Play:3: The ultimate wireless music system for your home. Compatible with everything from iTunes to internet radio.

6. Virgin TiVo: Taking Sky+ to its logical (and somewhat terrifying) conclusion, this box learns your viewing habits and records shows it suspects you’ll like.

7. Sony Z Series laptop: Super-light, super-expensive carbon-fibre laptop with a clever dock that boosts its lethal firepower using an external graphics card.

8. Samsung D8000 TV: This was 3D TV’s finest hour: the richest, sharpest 3D picture and a touchscreen remote to boot.

9. Sony Dev-5 digital binoculars: Featuring 20x zoom and the ability to record images, these are probably better than your actual eyes.

10. Fujifilm X100: The best interchangeable lens camera — and there was hardly a shortage. Achingly gorgeous, and its Hybrid viewfinder is a work of genius.



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