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21st century illustrations prove there's really only two kinds of people in the world

Some men just want to watch the world burn. 

Others, according to Lisbon-based artist Inoffensive, just want to give it a clean-up and probably a nice paint job.

For this chap is the witty force behind Tumblr 2 Kinds Of People, a series of uniquely 21st century sketches dividing the human race into two differing groups: ‘organised’ and ‘disorganised’. So take a look at a few below and have a look to see which camp you fit in.

Setting a dozen different alarm clocks on your smartphone only to snooze them all? Folding the pages of novels instead of using bookmarks? Filing your apps into subfolders as opposed to having them scattered across your phone willy-nilly? If any of this sounds like your behaviour then it might be the latter.

Although a few are contentious - surely we all pretend to be born in 1900 when confirming our date of birth on websites? That's just common sense.




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